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Our Business is Hamilton Mint Silver! We've been buying Hamilton Mint Silver all day, every day, for 30 years.


If you are looking to sell Hamilton Mint Silver, you have found the right place. We are the top buyer of Hamilton Mint Silver on the Internet. No one pays more! We will not be outbid.

We buy ANY Hamilton Mint Silver including Hamilton Mint Silver Ingots, Hamilton Mint Silver Coins and Hamilton Mint Silver Medals . Our mission is to help sellers sell to us in one simple, safe and fast transaction.


WE PAY TOP DOLLAR FOR Pre-1980 Hamilton Mint Silver, Pre-1990 Coins, Pre-1990 Hamilton Mint Gold, Pre-1980 Limited Edition Silver Plates, and Pre-1970 Gold. We are spending thousands of dollars every week on Hamilton Mint Silver. Let us answer any pre-sale questions you may have, and show you how simple, quick and safe it is to sell your Hamilton Mint Silver to us.

We pay more because we are collectors ourselves... and we DO NOT MELT!

Why Sell to Us?

sell life Hamilton Mint Silver WE DO NOT REPORT TO IRS! We do not file Form 1099 to the IRS (eBay does). It is NOT REQUIRED, therefore we don't. Starting in 2011, if you sell on eBay you will have to calculate your capital gains at the end of the year.

sell pulp Hamilton Mint Silver WE BUY IT ALL! We are collectors ourselves and also resell to collectors. Because we are constantly needing to restock, we don't cherry pick, we buy it all.

sell boxing Hamilton Mint Silver We will make our offer upfront, without requiring you to ship first for an offer! And our offer will not change. If an error has been made, we will return the item at our expense, not try to bait and switch on the price.

sell hot rod Hamilton Mint Silver We will PAY IN ADVANCE with your good references!

sell sports Hamilton Mint Silver We have been buying from the public for over 30 years!

sell doc savage We are members of the Better Business Bureau, Dun & Bradstreet and the Chamber of Commerce!

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sell aviation Hamilton Mint Silver We pay TOP DOLLAR! More than your local pawn shop, coin shop, and usually more than you could get on eBay (after fees, commissions, and hassling with picky buyers).

Hi Jon.

Although I was hesitant at first, with the thought of sending several thousand dollars of goods to an unknown firm, I must say that after checking with the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce, the Better Business Bureau, and other sellers, I was convinced. After shipping the items to you, you promptly notified me of their safe arrival. Within a day, you mailed your company check for the amount you gave in your "quick quote." All in all, it was a smooth, courteous, fast transaction. I could not be more pleased.

John Farrar
Columbia, Tennessee

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